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Philosophers of London in Solidarity, or POLIS, is a network  of London philosophy societies set up in 2018. It currently has eight members: Birkbeck, Dead Philosophers Society (SOAS), KCL, LSE, NCH, Royal Holloway, UAL, and UCL.

POLIS acts both as a meeting place for these societies and as a network which expands the reach of its members. We hold regular socials which allows students to mix with others that they might not have otherwise, and promote the events and activities of the member societies. Philosophy students have the opportunity to engage with the broadest array of the field’s elements as possible and have fun whilst they do it!

In short, POLIS is a student led network of University of London philosophy societies and groups which seeks to draw links between the many philosophy students in the city, both academically and socially.

Our Team

The POLIS Team membership changes every year based on those who are elected to run the various philosophy societies and journals across London. This year, our team is made up of Presidents — (Birkbeck) , Lottie Pike (NUL & Co-Chair), — (UCL), — (LSE), Billy Watson (KCL), — (SOAS), Dominic Murphy (Royal Holloway), — (UAL) - as well as Alistair Bugg (Media Director), and Dylan Ngan (Chair and General Secretary).

Societies and Journals

You can click on the following society logos to find out more about each society, or a journal logo to visit their webpage. 



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Emeritus Members

Once someone has served as a team member at POLIS, they are known as Emeritus Members. Here they are below.

POLIS 2022 | Directors: Weronika Przysada (Birkbeck) , Lottie Pike (NCH), Chengxiang Sun (UCL), Ben Binks (LSE), Humna Zubair (KCL), Caitlin Fox (SOAS), Felix Porée (Royal Holloway, Co-Chair), Oriana Anthony (UAL), George Holloway (PG) Secretaries: Zarah Sultan (KCL), Alistair Bugg (NCH), Felix Brown (LSE), Ren Kitayama (UCL), Reem Alghashan (SOAS), Eleanor Atterton (Royal Holloway), Oscar Hillyer (Birkbeck), Walter Schutiens (PG) Chiara Zucchelli (Media) Chair/Secretary General: Dylan Ngan (UCL)


POLIS 2021 | Presidents: Dimitra Prekka (LSE), Mathilde Nielsen (KCL), Ishmael Young (SOAS), Lucas Romanski (UCL), Mehmet Saydam (Birkbeck), George Williams (Royal Holloway), Thomas O’Brien & Sophia Simeonov (NCH).

POLIS 2020 | Presidents: Mark Seymour (Birkbeck), Agne Slusarska (NCH), Walter Schutiens (UCL), Karina Vasiliades (LSE), Nicolas Bolvin (KCL), Sohane Amira (SOAS), Jojo Amoah (Royal Holloway). Secretaries: Luca Marsico (KCL), Eirin Tungland (NCH), Mike Salem (LSE), Nathan Bull (UCL), Michael Meakin (SOAS), Theo Cristea (Royal Holloway).

POLIS 2019 | Presidents: Hannah-Elizabeth Teoh (Birkbeck), Jack Verschoyle (UCL), Neil Crawford (LSE), Nirali Patel (KCL), Shreya Rajesh (NCH). Secretaries: Dana Lucien-Joseph Doucette (Birkbeck), Karina Vasiliades (LSE), Tim Liu (KCL).

POLIS 2018 | Matei Gheorghiu (Founder). Presidents: Sailee Khurjekar (UCL) Miles Atherton (KCL) Abdelkawy Abdou (ICL) Ruben Brooke (NCH).

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